Recent Choice to be Vegetarian

Hey guys! So I’ve recently made the switch to vegetarian from vegan. My life is at a point where being a vegetarian is just more sustainable for me. I still fully believe in ending animal cruelty and realize that many would see this change as selfish. I get it. However, I also come from a background of an eating disorder. I had orthorexia a few years ago. 

Orthorexia is characterized as an eating disorder where the individual is obsessed with the purity of their food and as a result cut out more and more things from their diet. Eventually, they are eating so little that they aren’t eating much at all and they’re seriously damaging their emotional and mental health as well. 

I came back from this eating disorder by giving up veganism. I had to reincorporate all foods–including meat. I remember crying over the first burger I ate. 

However, eventually I was healthy enough again (and gaining a lot of weight) that I felt compelled to go back to vegetarianism and eventually veganism. That being said, I always need to be careful about my eating habits. I need to keep in check with myself to make sure I’m not cutting things out of my diet out of fear. I don’t want to eat meat. Therefore I will be remaining vegetarian but not vegan. 

I will continue to upload vegan recipes and still eat a lot of vegan meals because I just naturally gravitate toward vegan things. This is largely due to the fact that I don’t really like cheese or milk on its own. 
Thank you, guys! Peace and good vibes! Xoxo


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