Why I’m Vegan

This isn’t going to be a long drawn out history of how I became vegan. However, I would like to mention that my reasons for being vegan are largely two-fold: health and animal-welfare. I believe that veganism is the greatest path to true health. I also feel it is the only real path for animal lovers. Now as a disclaimer: I would like to say that I know plenty of people who love animals but eat meat. Is there hypocrisy to that?  Yes. But people are lovely jumbles of inconsistencies.

The truth is that we as a society are often raised to believe there is a difference between consuming puppies and consuming calves. Truthfully, if one spent time with a calf they’d probably have a rather large change in perspective on this point. However, knowing how harsh society can be and how bone deep habits are bred, I respect all dietary and lifestyle decisions others make.

For the past few years I’ve bounced back and forth between meat-eater and vegan, on again and off again, over and over. Eventually, I came to a point where it no longer made sense to go back and forth (not that it ever did). I realized that for me eating meat was selfish. I was setting aside my morality for my taste buds. I am not the kind of vegan that is disgusted by the taste of meat. I don’t fancy the raw look or smell of meat but like any typical American I do enjoy a good hamburger. I always have. I was raised on hamburgers, pizza, and pot roast.

It becomes essential to find mediums that remind you of why you’re vegan when you’re also a foodie. Some turn to activism, social media, or work. I also find that documentaries are incredibly helpful in turning people vegan and keeping them vegan. Some documentaries can be difficult to watch while others are a bit more light in spirit. I will include a list of some I find appropriate with brief descriptions. All of these are available on Netflix.

1. Vegucated: A once non-believer goes vegan and decides to challenge others to be vegan. Along the way she educates them on the many reasons people go vegan and stay vegan. This particular documentary was the one that initially made me go veg-head. It’s fun and uplifting with brief moments of hard truths.
2. Food, Inc.: Almost everyone has heard of this documentary. However, it took me forever to actually sit down and watch it. It isn’t exactly a “go vegan” documentary but it will certainly educate you on how the food industry works. As a vegan, I find it’s important to be armed with as much knowledge as possible about how the industry works as people will always feel the need to question veganism.
food, inc.
3. Forks Over Knives: This documentary is definitely pro-vegan. It’s a great watch for anyone wanting to validate their decision to go vegan or those who are curious about the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.
forks over knives
4. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead: A very over-weight man on the verge of death makes a drastic decision to go raw. He juice fasts. This documentary follows the weight loss and medical journey of a man trying to save his life through the power of plants.
fat, sick, and nearly dead
5. Cooked: I will admit this documentary isn’t usually on your typical “go vegan” watch list. As a foodie, I found it very interesting as it showcases the value of food as much more than just sustenance.  Trigger warning! There is a lot of cooking meat and animal killing in this documentary. The topic of vegetarianism is discussed and a vegetarian woman even tries meat, declaring, “It’s so much better than I thought it’d be.” This can easily be infuriating to someone who has dedicated themselves to limiting as much suffering to animals as possible. However, it does showcase the importance of food, cooking, and our dietary decisions on our quality of life. Simply put: it’s about the tradition of cooking.
6. Super Size Me: This is another non-typical suggestion as far as vegan documentaries go. A man decides to embark on a month long McDonald’s binge. He eats nothing but McDonald’s and records the effects on his body. It’s a fascinating and often very entertaining watch. I highly recommend it as it’s very enjoyable but also rather informative about the negative effects of eating fast and cheap food.
super size me
I hope you enjoyed this list! Let me know if you’ve seen any of these and what you think of them! If not, maybe give a few or all of them a watch!
Good vibes and best wishes! 🙂

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